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Truck Accidents: What to Consider to Obtain a Fair Settlement

Types of Truck Accidents

A truck accident settlement is a monetary compensation provided to victims who suffer serious injuries that result from collisions with trucks that happen because of driver negligence. The settlement varies depending on the circumstances of the case and the severity of the accident and injuries. Often, the settlement covers the costs of any permanent disability, medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering. If you survived a truck accident, you must understand what’s involved, so you can visit one of the best truck crash lawyers in Vermont to try to get an injury-related settlement. 

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can happen because of many reasons. As a victim of this type of accident, you often have a good basis for your legal claim if the accident resulted from the driver’s negligence or carelessness, fatigue, insufficient training, or violation of traffic laws. Also, you can have a good claim if vehicle malfunctions or failures resulted in the crash. Sometimes, a truck accident can also happen if the trailers are inappropriately attached or because of poorly loaded cargo. The cause of the accident can help determine who needs to compensate you for your injuries. 

Who Pays for Your Injury-Related Costs?

As a truck accident victim, you must prove the driver or their vehicle is to blame in the accident, so you can make a significant settlement. The truck driver may be required to pay if they are not employed or not working for a trucking company. You can file a claim against the driver’s insurance carrier. But, if the driver works for a trucking company, liability may fall on the company and its insurance provider. 

How Settlements are Calculated

If you sustained injuries in a truck accident, you usually need emergency medical attention or even longer-term medical treatment. You may have to take some time off of work or may not be able to work permanently. This causes undue financial hardship and when combined with increasing medical expenses can leave you financially ruined. The factors that influence truck accident settlements include the kinds and extent of injuries, amounts of property damage, expected expenses related to future medical needs, the negligent offender’s history of accidents, and a possible wrongful death claim. If the case involves wrongful death, family members are usually provided with burial and funeral costs together with the replacement financial support the deceased loved one could have provided them if the accident didn’t happen. Because of the many factors to consider when calculating truck accident settlements, it is important to work with an accident lawyer as soon as possible.

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