Things You May Not Know About Your Smart Devices

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Smart devices are those devices that are connected to the internet or any other network connection, for example, smartphones, personal computers, laptops, smartwatches, fitness trackers, etc. These smart devices have a unique number with which they can be identified and distinguished from other devices that are also connected to the internet. That number is known as the IP address.

The IP (internet protocol) address is a unique set of numbers which identifies each computer or smart device that is connected to a computer network which makes use of the internet protocol for communication. The IP address identifies its host or network interface. It also identifies the location of its host in the network to which it is connected.

What Roles Does the IP Address Play?

Each time you’re connected to the internet with your smart device either to check your emails or to shop for items online, the IP address plays a significant role. To get an IP address, you need to be connected to a network. The network must be connected to the internet. This network might be your ISP (Internet service provider) or a public Wi-Fi. In other words, your IP address is given by the network you are connected to, which provides you with access to the internet. With this, you can check your emails and shop online using your IP address. Factories that make use of the IIoT technology (Industrial Internet of things) also have their IP address.

However, the IP address is not permanent. It can change when you turn your modem off and on. It can even be replaced by your internet service provider when you contact them to do so. It can also change when you go on vacation or travel away from home or even when you are using public Wi-Fi; because you’ll be connected to the internet using a different network.

Another interesting fact about your IP address is that it can be hidden. People hide their IP address to conceal their actual geographical location or to prevent web tracking. The IP address can also be hidden to avoid leaving a digital footprint or bypassing bans or blacklisting.

So now you know, you can choose to carry out all your internet activities while you remain anonymous!


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