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Surprisingly Great And Practical Apps To Try

Technology has afforded us with so many conveniences. From instant messaging to creating a digital persona that’s an outlet for creativity, the options are endless when it comes to using the Internet for the greater good. Technology takes everything to the next level, and there is a conscious effort nowadays to become more technology-savvy to keep up with the times.

No one can deny that this is the era of smartphones. More than half of the population has a smartphone at their disposal, and at least 90% of these smartphones are connected to the Internet every single day. With smartphone technology, applications or apps have seen an increase in usage. These nifty standalone wonders make everything easier.

So if you’re still trying to check out some of the most technologically advanced apps out there, this article is for you. While most apps have a singular purpose, there are quite a few that go beyond what they’re intended to do. Here are some of the surprisingly good apps that you need to add in your phone:

Scrabble, Free on iOS and Android

Arguably the best word game on the planet right now, Scrabble, in its digital and online iteration is as good and at times better than the classic game. It’s not just mindless fun that you’re gonna get with it; it also trains your brain to maximize every situation you’re in. Games that make the brain think is essential in keeping our neural pathways in tip-top shape, so indulge yourself in these kinds of games every now and then.

One of the great things about Scrabble is that if you play it through the app, you can play with your Facebook friends, random people, and a bot. If you want to train your vocabulary, especially in the English language, this app is a must-have.  In a rut with what words to put in?  Use a scrabble word finder.

Periscope, Free on iOS and Android

Periscope is a great app if you want to be updated with live coverage. In this world where we all want to be connected and in the know, it’s a necessity to have a tool that makes it easier to access what’s going on around you. Periscope is that, and it’s one of the most powerful apps that does what it does.

If you’re a sports fan, Periscope can be really helpful in searching for live streams. Say you want to see a specific sports event, and not one of your cable channels is carrying it – you can pull up the app and search for popular hashtags involved with the event. Chances are you can find people streaming from the venue itself, or someone that has access to a channel live streaming it.

Robinhood, Free on iOS and Android

The Internet paved the way for more and more people to get into investing. But stock investing is a beast on its own, and you’ll need a depth of knowledge before you can take off. Robinhood is an app that shortens the time of your learning curve by automating things that are; otherwise, you’ll need to read up on. 

Another thing that’s amazing with Robinhood is that it simplifies your stock investing journey. The kicker? It’s also found a way to make starting an investment cheaper. So if you’re set on making waves on your personal financial literacy this year, you can never go wrong with this app. 

Sleepbot, $1.99 on iOS

There are many sleep trackers in the market today, but none of the free ones do what Sleepbot does. Most advanced sleep trackers need you to pay for a subscription. Sleepbot is a one-time offer – you pay for the app, and you get all the benefits of it afterward. What it does is monitor your sleep patterns, do a report about it, and make recommendations.

The best part? You don’t have to turn the app on every time you go to sleep. The automatically does that. It also detects heartbeat and heart rate, analyzes your sleep movement patterns, and a lot of other wonderful things. It’s the best sleep tracker on the planet today, bar none. Did we mention you can use it in your Apple Watch as well?


The advent and availability of the Internet may be one of the best things that have happened in this century. So if you still haven’t had the chance to make the most of what you have in your hands, it’s high time that you do. Try these apps today and see your life transform!

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