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QoD: weekly earnings of college students vs someone with SOME college

The benefit of earning a college degree can significantly outweigh the cost.

Answer: About $435 hours per week MORE (or more than $25,000 per year)


Why do you think graduates earn so much more than those who start but don’t finish their degrees? Do you think the pay gap based on education level will increase or decrease in the future? What are some ways an employee can increase their income without increasing the level of education listed in this chart? Your friend says it’s not worth spending $20,000 a year to get to college if you can get a job that pays $25,000 now. Do you agree or disagree? Use data from the chart to support your answer.

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Behind the numbers (Bureau of Labor Statistics):

“These education categories reflect only the highest level of education. They do not account for the completion of training programs in the form of apprenticeships and other on-the-job training, which can also affect earnings and unemployment rates.”

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