How Long Will Your Personal Injury Case can be Settled?

If you have been harmed because of someone else’s negligence or carelessness, you may want to sue the at-fault party. But, sometimes you may be forced to settle and accept less money than you would get through a lawsuit. If your case would come to this point, you may want to know how long it takes to settle your case. 

Average Settlement Time

Estimating the average time it takes to settle a personal injury case can be hard since many factors come into play. These factors include the seriousness of your injury and the kind of medical treatment you need to restore your health. In turn, this often depends on the kind of accident you had and the circumstances of your accident. But, generally, settlements may take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few years. In any case, you should consult a Portland personal injury lawyer as soon as you can. 

Issues that Impact the Length of a Personal Injury Settlement

A personal injury claim may settle longer than necessary because of some reasons. These include the following:

  • Legal or factual issues. Your injury settlement can take a long time when you exaggerated the seriousness of your injury or misrepresented the circumstances of your accident, including the specific cause of your injury. An example of a legal issue that may arise during settlement negotiations is the difficulty in determining liability. In this case, the insurance claims adjuster may not offer you a reasonable amount until your lawyer can show their intention to fight for you through a lawsuit.  
  • Huge amount of settlement. If your case involves a huge amount of money, the insurance company may be careful not to offer more money than they think you deserve. In this type of case, adjusters will often investigate each component of the case until they are sure that they are sure they don’t have enough legal defense against your claim, you have strong credibility, and your injuries are really serious enough to warrant a huge amount of compensation. 
  • Insurance tactic. In some instances, a settlement may be delayed as the insurance carrier waits and sees if you will stop trying to negotiate and accept less money. Your injury lawyer will make sure the company will not take advantage of your situation by establishing and using effective negotiation tactics. 

A good attorney knows that your accident may have affected you physically, mentally, and financially. They use their experience dealing with various kinds of personal injury cases to ensure you only get the compensation you need and deserve. 


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