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How I found time to write a book

Today’s topic is fresh in my mind as I have just turned in the second round of editing for the manuscript of my next book. It’s coming out early 2023 and I’m so excited about it!

In this “drawing curtain” episode on publishing, we share what I’ve learned about writing books, the mistakes I’ve made, and how I found the time to write this book.

Whether you dream of writing a book one day, are a published author, or need inspiration to tackle a major project, I hope you find this episode helpful and encouraging. I share how I approach writing, why an outline is key, how I break the project down into bite-sized pieces, how I use Google Calendar to keep me on track, the amount of time I spend writing each day , and a number of tips that helped me stay on track and be very happy with the (almost) finished product!

The strategies I used to make the time to write this book are the ones you could apply to many different major projects — even if you never plan on writing a book or really hate writing.

In this episode

[0:35] – I announce that I have just submitted the second draft of my new book!

[1:16] – Today’s tips can be applied to any major project, not just a book.

[2:39] – Our girls had prom last night! We share some of our favorite parts of the experience.

[8:19] – I just finished reading Fostered by Tori Hope Petersen.

[11:20] – I recently got a Milliard body pillow and completely understand why people love them!

[14:40] – Today’s episode is sponsored by CodeSpark Academy.

[16:44] – I dive into how I found time to write a book.

[19:38] – How a book on time management came about.

[21:50] – One of my biggest time management secrets is streaming and simplifying.

[23:54] – While writing this book, I was my own case study on time management.

[25:52] – How I use Google Calendar to keep me on track.

[27:34] – Reading the manuscript aloud is a strategy I have found so helpful.

[29:27] – I describe the challenge of writing a book during pregnancy.

[30:57] – Jesse explains why it was easier for me to make changes to this book.

[33:26] – I cannot write well for more than 45 minutes.

[35:45] – Jesse provides insight into why my time block method is better than a word counting method.

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