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Haircuts for thin hairs to add instant volume to them

Even if every woman has different hair goals, the common thing is hit and voluminous tresses. Some have natural thick long and healthy hair while others need to put some effort. This is the main problem faced by thin hairs. The problem can be solved by a different haircut from your Barber Richmond. And skilled Barber knows how to prevent your hair damage and give you a haircut that suits you and gives you a voluminous look.

Textured pixie

If you like short hair then a pixie haircut is perfect to create a transformation in your hair volume. The haircut works from straight to curly hair. To take care of that voluminous look avoid using oil-based products.

Wavy bob

This hairstyle is another popular long and short hair hairstyle. You can also go for midland as the baby texture of hair creates an illusion of thick hair.

Wavy shoulder length

There is no denial about wavy hairstyles to give a voluminous look. The waves create an illusion of thick hairs. This hairstyle is perfect if you are not sure about short hair. In this haircut, you can keep some length.

Face framing layers

This hairstyle is known to keep your thin hair falling flat. It is beneficial for those who have a broad head. The haircut gave a dimension and interest to your face.

Asymmetrical bob

Asymmetrical Bob gives a chic and elegant look. The side part is slightly shorter than the main part.

Heavy bangs

Bangs have been really popular in recent years because of Hallyu and anime waves. Bangs or fringe help hide your broadhead, as well as they, provide a thick hair illusion in the back too. Haircut requires little maintenance as messy bangs look unruly.

Retro lob

Retro is always a glamorous trend. This retro lob look is curled at the end which makes the hair have a lot of volumes. The look requires a lot of maintenance through a hot roller and spraying the hair spray to put them together

Strategic highlights

Highlights hair a new dimension to make it look thicker. Hairstylists should do subtle highlights near the face where the roots are slightly darker in tips and lighten this technique to create a mirage of thick hairs from the roots.

Loose messy waves

Loose and messy waves are one of the best hairstyles for thin hair. If you are here looking flat and limp a layered haircut will add some volume to create a messy and thick look. This hairstyle is popular for long hair.


Hairs bring confidence inside you. The perfect haircut will bring out that hidden personality inside you. A skilled barber Richmond will figure out a good haircut according to your hair goals.

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