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Find the Right Hypnos Mattress for Your Unique Body Type

If you are planning to buy a Hypnos mattress, you should realise that there is no one standard type that fits all. As no two people are identical in their body type or weight, the wrong choice of mattress can impact your comfort, mood, spinal alignment and health. Therefore, when you buy a mattress, first consider your body type. Based on your body type and weight, you can choose the right mattress that will give you the greatest comfort.

Tips for selecting the right Hypnos mattress for your body weight and type

Here are some tips that you can follow to choose the best Hypnos mattress that is perfect for your body weight and type.

1. Right Hypnos mattress for a person who is on the heavier side

If you are on the heavier side, you must look for the extra firm Hypnos mattress. The extra level of thickness of our mattress will give your body the adequate cushioning that is required for a comfortable sleep. The thickness of the mattress will ensure that your body weight is spread out evenly, helping to relieve any pressure on your back and enabling you to sleep comfortably. When you buy a Hypnos extra firm mattress, you are guaranteed a comfortable sleeping experience.

2. Best Hypnos Mattress for below-average body weight

The mattress requirement of a person with a below-average body weight will be unique. If you have below-average body weight, and you sleep on a mattress that has a thicker and firmer layer, you will find there is a gap in the lumbar area where you sleep. This can make your sleep uncomfortable. Therefore, you should buy the medium comfort level Hypnos mattress. It has a thinner and softer upper layer.

3. Hypnos mattress for a curvy body shape

If your body shape is curvy, when you sleep on a mattress you will feel noticeable gaps between you and the mattress. You should choose a mattress that allows your shoulders and hips to sink much deeper. Therefore, buy the firm Hypnos mattress that has a thicker comfort layer. It will help to fill the gaps and ensure that your spine is properly aligned when you sleep.

4. Right Hypnos mattress for straight or flat body shape

For a straight or flat body shape, you do not require a thick layer. The medium comfort level Hypnos mattress comes with a softer and thinner comfort layer, and it is best suited for your needs. You can buy this Hypnos mattress to enjoy a comfortable sleep.


In conclusion, the final choice of Hypnos mattress that you should buy depends on your body shape and type. If someone’s body type is on the heavy side, he/she will find it more comfortable to lie on a thick and firm-layer mattress. On the other hand, a lighter person will need a soft comfort layer mattress. If you have a flatter body type, a thin and firm comfort layer will work best, and for a curvy body type, you will find it amazing to sleep on a mattress which has a thick and softer layer.

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