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CIT Bank Launches Amazon Prime Promotion

CIT Bank is known for offering competitive interest rates to its clients.

Even in a low interest rate environment, any increase in the APY can add up. But with the Fed’s recent rate hikes, retail banks may start raising their rates to compete for the privilege of holding your savings.

CIT Bank is committed to winning the race to win your savings account by increasing the APYs on offer. But it has upped the ante with a limited-time bonus offer that includes a free year of Amazon Prime. We partner with CIT Bank to share what they have to offer.

If you want to skip it right now, check out CIT Bank’s money market account here and get Amazon Prime for a year >>

Money Market Account of CIT Bank

Before we get into the new promotion, let’s take a look at CIT Bank’s money market account. After all, you want to make sure the account is solid before jumping on board for a limited-time offer.

The good news is that CIT Bank’s money market account consistently lands in our top ten available money market accounts. That’s because the account often has one of the highest interest rates available to consumers.

From now on you can get 0.55% APY. Since the national average APY for money market accounts is 0.08%, there is a high probability of accumulating savings.

You will not encounter any levels or minimums with this account offering a consistently high APY. Obviously, you will find a valuable place to keep your savings in this money market account.

CIT Bank offers free Amazon Prime

Now that you know that CIT Bank’s money market account is worth signing up for, it’s time to talk about a new benefit being offered to new customers. You can get a free year of Amazon Prime membership, worth $139.

Even if you already have Amazon Prime, you can take advantage of this offer for the next year.

Here’s how to get the bonus.

Open a money market account with CIT Bank

First, go to CIT Bank to open a money market account. Please use the promo code AMZN22 during the sign up process.

It only takes 5 minutes to open your new account. But be prepared to provide your phone number, home address, email address, and social security number. In addition, look up the account number and routing number of your deposit account.

Deposit money into your account

In addition to opening a CIT Bank money market account, you must also fund your account with a minimum of $15,000 within 15 days. The requirements don’t stop there. You must maintain a minimum balance of at least $15,000 for 60 days after the 15-day financing period.

If you fund the account with only the minimum starting balance of $100, you will still be able to access the attractive APY. But you’re missing out on the free Amazon Prime membership.

With the rather hefty deposit required, this could be a great place to stash your emergency savings or the money you’ve set aside for an important purpose.

Enjoy your Prime membership

After the 60 days following the 15-day financing period, CIT Bank will take a look to see if you have met the requirements for the free Amazon Prime membership.

Account holders who meet the requirements will receive an email with their Amazon Prime membership code. You can take that code with you to your Amazon account for your free Prime year.

In addition to taking advantage of a free year of Amazon Prime, you can also watch your savings grow in CIT Bank’s money market account. With an above-average APY, you can tap into some earning potential instead of letting your savings collect dust in a traditional low-yield savings account.

Are you ready to sign up for the CIT Bank Money Market Account? Do not wait. Make it happen today.

Bottom Line: Should You Work With CIT Bank?

CIT Bank offers clients a range of accounts with relatively high yields and low fees. Even without the enticing free Amazon Prime membership, CIT Bank is worth considering as a long-term solution for your banking needs.

If you’d like to learn more about CIT Bank as a whole, check out our full review. But if you are ready to sign up for the CIT Bank Money Market Account, then move on now.

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