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5 Tips To Keep Your Employees Motivated During a Long Work Week

Work can be a grind, or so the saying goes. Sometimes the work week involves an important undertaking that demands massive levels of focus and energy, possibly longer hours and for some of all of your employees. Sometimes the standard work week just feels long. The good news is that there are plenty of ways by which to keep your employees motivated during a long work week. 

1. Celebrate Results From the Week

Recognizing premium work can reinforce your employees’ drive and productivity quotient, even during stressful weeks. If someone on the team has nailed down Zoom virtual background requirements, for instance, and taught it to the rest of the team, you can make a brief announcement or buy a round of cupcakes or any number of small gestures that communicate authentic gratefulness.

2. Promote Positivity During Meetings

The boiler room scenario can turn a lot of people off and that can hurt their production. Even if you’re trying to hit deadlines or numbers, the stress comes down from the top. When you’re in meetings, even if the tone is a little angsty from the workload, or if there’s an elephant in the room, you can start by asking about what’s working well, or end by asking for one positive moment from the day. 

Silly or inspirational videos could be utilized to great effect, as could a simple joke. Even when you are dealing with something big and intense, you can set a tone of alacrity or cheerfulness among your teams. 

3. Emphasize the Characteristics of a Healthy Workplace

From regular breaks to proper nutrition, the things you do to combat stress is vital because stressful work conditions aren’t sustainable. Aside from making sure that everybody’s getting regular breaks, you can spring to have healthy meals brought in.

Other aspects of a healthy workplace include open and honest communication, support and cooperation among individuals and teams and maintaining a relaxed, yet productive, atmosphere. You could also consider letting different people choose virtual office backgrounds for internal meetings to boost levity.

4. Share the Overarching Goals With Your Employees

Transparency is important when people are acting on your behalf. It’s powerful to realize and understand exactly what you’ve got your teams doing and why they’re doing it. Explaining your motivations could have the happy effect of instilling renewed confidence in your employees. You may consider keeping a prominently displayed visual record of contributions to the company’s various successes and positive endeavors.

5. Loosen up Where You Can

When the weeks are running long, little perks can go a long way. Impromptu breaks or allowing folks to utilize a relaxation room when they feel they need to can have a positive effect. 

If you’ve got teams working remotely or from different offices, you might add virtual background in teams options that have particular relevance to your people, especially things that they will find humor in, or something that reflects a shared experience.

Facilitating positivity and applying motivational techniques from the top down can be powerful ways to get the most from them without burning them out. Check out a virtual background website to learn more about how virtual backgrounds can help add motivation to your employees during a long work week.

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