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Working in Thailand
Thailand is at the heart of Southeast Asia. Its strategic geographical location makes Thailand a central hub in the region. Bangkok is the Capital City with approximately 8.5 million people. The official language is Thai; English is largely spoken and understood in Bangkok and other large cities or touristic provinces.

Thailand is an emerging economy. The economy is very dynamic and has fully recovered since the Asian Crisis of 1997. The economy is largely based on the export of goods from agriculture, mining, industry and manufacturing. However, the service sector is growing rapidly from tourism to banking and finance. The unemployment rate is very low (1.7%).

With its long history and influences of the past, Thailand is a very fascinating culture. We can describe it as “when the past meets the future”; the country is driven between its traditions and its future. Thai people are well known for their hospitality, generosity and friendliness. It makes generally no problem to adapt to the culture when working in Thailand.

Job Access for Expatriates

Rather difficult but not impossible.

Most jobs for expats in Thailand are in the service, industrial and manufacturing sectors where the knowledge, experience and education of foreigners are highly appreciated by international or local companies.

There is a growing number of jobs offers especially for expatriates. Working in Thailand is a very good choice; it offers many new opportunities to develop your career.


Fascinating culture
Easy to travel and trade with neighbouring countries
Developed infrastructures
Investment opportunities
Quality of living
English is largely spoken and understood

Job access difficult for foreigners
Strict immigration rules (visa and work permit)

Asia Work Recommendations

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The Platinum Package includes a wide range of services such as a personal assistance to really help job seekers in their research in Thailand.

Working in Thailand is certainly a very good choice; however finding a job will bring you also many challenges. We are here to help you, and you shall never give up! Only patience and determination will pay off!

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