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Working in Malaysia
Malaysia is a country of Southeast Asia, consisting of Peninsular Malaysia and West Malaysia (Malay Peninsula) and the East Malaysia (North Borneo). The country's capital Kuala Lumpur is approximately 4 million people. The Malay language is the official language. The use of English is widely spread, it is the business language.

Malaysia is still an emerging economy. The economy particularly benefits from the manufacturing industry sector which boosts its exports, making the Malaysian economy one of the most dynamic in Southeast Asia. As exports increased considerably, infrastructures, rapid development and standard of living approaches that of developed countries. Furthermore, the service sector benefits for the dynamism of the economy and especially services linked to the tourism industry. Malaysia is now a major tourist destination of Southeast Asia. The unemployment is low (3.1%).

Malaysia is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multilingual society. It is a mixture of Malay, Chinese, and Indian. Other cultures in the past that influenced heavily on the culture of Malaysia include the Persian, Arab and European. All these cultural mixtures and influences make Malaysia a unique place to live and work and are highly appreciated by expatriates.

Job Access for Expatriates

From moderate to difficult.

Most jobs for expatriates in Malaysia are in the manufacturing or service sector where the experience and competences of expatriates are highly appreciated. The tourism industry is constant development and is actually recruiting many new expatriates.

Most expatriates in Malaysia are from the neighbouring countries (Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand), but there is a growing interest of expatriates from Western countries to work in Malaysia. Malaysia can be a very interesting choice to settle in Southeast Asia, as you can easily travel, trade in other countries in the region and find many new opportunities.


Quality of life
Developed Infrastructure
Investment opportunities
Economic Development
English is spoken almost everywhere

Not always easy to find a job as a foreigner


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