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Working in Hong Kong
Hong Kong is worldwide known for its spectacular skyline and natural surroundings. Hong Kong is one of Asia’s major financial capitals, business and cultural hub. Officially, The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is one of the two special administrative region (the other being Macau) of People’s Republic of China. With a population of nearly 7 million people, it is one of the most densely populated areas in the world.

Despite a small territory with few natural resources, Hong Kong is ranked the world’s 11th largest trading country. Its economy is largely based on the service sector which accounts for 90% of the GDP. The business and financial sectors are the two major economic engines in Hong Kong, which accounts for more than half of all its economic activities. The unemployment rate is low (4.1%).

Hong Kong’s identity as a cosmopolitan centre is reflected in its cuisine, cinema, music and traditions. It can be describe as “where east meets west”. The majority of the population is Chinese; however, residents and expatriates play a significant role and contribute largely to the economy and culture. Hong Kong is one of the best places to live as an expatriate.

Job Access for Expatriates

It is relatively easy to find a job.

The jobs for expatriates are concentrated mainly in financial services, particularly in real estate, insurance, brokerage, and banking services. However, it is possible to find jobs in many other sectors.

Broadly speaking, expatriates in Hong Kong come to promote their career or simply to relocate in Southeast Asia. This is certainly one of the best places to start a new career in Southeast Asia, full of new opportunities.


Very easy to live for expats
Many cultural events
Developed infrastructures
Diversified means of transport
One way to discover modern China
Everyone speaks English

Cost of living
People tend to live only for work and business
Speaking Chinese is increasingly asked for job


Asia Work Recommendations

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The Silver and Gold Packages include the services such as a job search assistance that will help job seekers finding a job in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is a very good location to start or continue your career in Southeast Asia as it will bring you many new opportunities and eventually have the possibility to relocate in another Southeast Asian country.

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