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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Asia Work all about?

We are specialised in the recruitment of expatriates willing to find a job in Southeast Asia. At the origin, we were a team of Human Resource Consultants specialised in recruitment, personnel management, organisational consulting, training and development. Now we concentrate our expertise primarily on job research assistance and recruitment. We have built a whole network of local offices and company partners in Southeast Asia, operating in Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

2. How do I apply to a job posted on the website?

To apply to a job advertisement posted on our website, you must register and be logged in to your personal space. Only registered members on our website can apply for jobs and access our entire database of job offers. 

3. How do I register and login to my personal space?

To register please visit our "Job Seekers" page to discover our services and register. Your registration gives you access to our entire job database, as well as our consulting services and assistance depending on the package you have chosen. We will notify you by email that your account is open on Asia Work within 24H and 48H after registering on the website. You can access your personal space only after receiving this email.

4. Why should I register with Asia Work?

We are entirely at your service to prepare your future expatriation projects in Asia. We intend to provide our expertise in recruitment and become a new tool available for job seekers looking for jobs in Southeast Asia. We are here to help and assist job seekers in their job research and employers in their candidate research. There is absolutely no risk, but many new opportunities: new job, new people, new environment, simply a new life!

5. Why do you review every job application before sending them to employers?

All businesses today have obligations of result to be increasingly competitive and we are committed to these companies to provide candidates applications that will meet their expectations. For this reason, we reserve the right to approve or reject certain applications which do not satisfy the requirements of companies. We review all applications for jobs before being sent to employers. If your application is approved, we automatically sent it to the concerned employers for evaluation. You should expect an average of 4 to 6 weeks before employers contact you or we will contact you with their contact information if your application has caught their attention.

6. If I subscribe at Asia Work, how great is the chance to get a job and how long does it take?

Unfortunately, we can not guarantee a 100% success. Recruitment is a process with multiple factors that have to be taken into account. It is all about having the right candidate meeting the right employer, or simply being at the right place at the right time!

From experience, we strongly advise job seekers to carefully prepare and plan their expatriation in Asia. It is always a long process; it generally takes from a few weeks to several months to find a job. Finding a good expat job in Asia is not the easiest thing to do and will require some patience.

Sometimes we find a job for a candidate within a few weeks after registering, sometimes it is within a few months and unfortunately sometimes we are unable to find a job before the end of the 12 months subscription.

7. If after my 12 months subscription, I am still looking for a job, should I register again?

It is entirely up to you. Sometimes it worth being patient, but still determined to reach your goal. 

8. Can I upgrade my Silver Package into a Gold or Platinum Package?

It is currently not possible to upgrade from one package to another but we are working on that. We will let you know when this feature will be available. For the moment, we suggest that you carefully select the package that best suit your expectations.

9. Which one of your Package do you advise per country? Let’s say, I want to work in Hong Kong or Singapore, which package do you advise?

Concerning Hong Kong and Singapore, we recommend the Silver and Gold Packages as employers in these two countries are used to internet recruitment. We are sure that they will search into our job seeker database to propose jobs.

Regarding other countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam, employers are getting more and more used to internet recruitment but the Silver and Gold Packages are not always enough. Restrictions put on foreigners in these countries make job access more difficult. Therefore we strongly recommend registering the Platinum Package to have a personal assistance and we will do the whole research for you.

10. I have been visiting Thailand several times and I really love this country. Can you find a job for me and help me start a new life in Thailand?

Many people write us about jobs for expatriates in Thailand.
Can we find jobs for you in Thailand? Yes, of course!

Thailand is a particular case because there are many restrictions that prevent job access to foreigners. Getting a job in Thailand on your own is extremely difficult especially if you are living in the US or in Europe.

That is where a professional recruitment network like Asia Work comes into play! We will assist you and do everything for you!

Our Bangkok office is directly in contact with local and international companies and we receive an increasing number of job offers for expatriates based in Thailand.

We have developed several solutions which makes job access in Thailand much easier. We will share these solutions only on a private basis, should you register and start conversing with us. 

Confidence, patience and determination are key elements to your job research in Thailand. Stay connected with Asia Work, we are here to help you and find solutions.     

11. What can I do to enhance my profile?

Here are some advices that will enhance your profile:
- The more you detail your CV, the easier it will be for us to find you a job.
- Be honest about your education, past experiences, languages spoken etc…
- Do not oversell yourself; any lie is likely to be found out anyway!
- Job seekers with any past experience in Southeast Asia are more likely to interest employers.
- Please detail as much as you can your professional / personal project, recruiters with candidates having a strong interest in living and working in Asia (whatever their education or experience might be) are more likely to recruit you.
- The more you describe yourself and your objectives, the more you have a chance to get a job!    

12. I recently graduated from university and wish to start my career in Southeast Asia? Do you accept a junior profile?

This is a question that many people tend to ask us: Am I too young? Am I too old?
We accept junior or senior profile and we still find jobs, age is not really a matter.

13. Why all your prices are in Euros? Why not using US Dollar?

We use the Euro as our standard currency. But you may subscribe in any currency, in the US Dollar if you wish, the currency conversion will be made automatically.

14. I have been working for an NGO in Cambodia in the past; I loved working to help out the people there and would like to come back and find a job. Can you help me?

Sometimes we are asked if we can look for jobs in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar (as these three countries are part of the Southeast Asia region); we do not operate in these countries.

Now, in practice there are some exceptions:

Concerning Myanmar, please do not register with Asia Work; we will not treat your demand, it will simply be a waste of time and money.

Concerning Cambodia and Laos, you may register but we will only accept those registering a Platinum package. Since we do not have an office in these countries, such a demand will be treated by our Thailand office in Bangkok (our main operational office after Hong Kong) and requires a personal assistance.

15. I have been working in finance for over 10 years and want to find a new challenge in Asia? Which places do you advise me?

In finance, it will definitely be Singapore & Hong Kong. These two countries are worldwide known business centres. Finding a job there being a junior or a senior is not a problem. Finding a job in finance in any other Southeast Asian countries will be much more difficult unless you have a “high profile” in terms of education and professional experience.

16. What about interviews? How does it work?

There are several possibilities to conduct interviews:

- Employers will set a phone or Visio conference appointment with job seekers to do the interview. This can take 1 to 3 weeks to set up based on where the interviewer and the interviewee are located and when they are both available.

- Job seekers meet one-on-one directly with employers in Asia or in their home country if either possibility is possible. Considering the fact that more than 90% of our job seekers reside outside Asia, one-on-one interviews highly depend on the nature of the job if a physical presence is absolutely required or not.

- Employers send interviews by email; usually it consists of several different questionnaires to answer. Subjects may vary and cover professional experience, technical skills, personal interest etc...

- No interview needed, based only on experience and references from previous employers that we verify.

17. Do you have any testimonials of successful job research?

Here are some recent testimonials of people that we helped in their job search:

- Hi, this is Christina P. I just want to thank you very much guys for the great help and assistance over the last few months. I really appreciated conversing with you guys, especially with Mark for all the good advices. I am moving to Singapore next week to start my job. Hope to keep in touch anyway. Christina P. from the US.

- Hello, Thank you for your advices and your professionalism. You did a good job. Hans M-D. from Germany.

- Dear Asia Work team, I just want to thank you for all the work. It was not easy and even frustrating at times as it took nearly a year to secure a job for me, but you did it and I can not be more thankful at the moment as I will start a new life in Thailand with my wife. Regards, Peter B. from UK.

- Hi, thanks for the website. The information you provide on your website is excellent! Wayne P. from Australia

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