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Disaster Logistics Management Officer
Job reference : AW300130580 

Job description :
ROLE :- The Disaster Management Logistics Officer (DMLO) participates in and contributes to all logistical aspects of the WSPA disaster management (DM) operations in the Asia region, based in Bangkok, Thailand. Specifically, DMLO is to:: * Assist with the delivery of all WSPA DM operations in Asia as directed by Disaster Response Team Leader (DRTL) Asia including: risk reduction and partner preparedness training interventions, and emergency response and recovery operations. * Assist with financial records * Ensure team safety and security POSITION IN ORGANISATION :- Report to WSPA Disaster Response Team Leader (DRTL Asia), and Disaster Management Operations Director (DMOD). SCOPE :- First Priority: Emergency Response * The roleís primary responsibility is to participate as a member of the Disaster Assessment and Response Team (DART) to manage the logistics of the delivery of WSPA emergency veterinary response in Asia. This includes organising team member travel arrangements and accommodation, veterinary medicine re-supply, animal feed distribution and liaisons with appropriate government and non-government organisations. * Record and reconcile financial transactions during the response, and assist with reporting and cataloguing the intervention. * Assess the safety and security issues associated with working in disaster affected areas, and be responsible for the DM teamís safety and security in the field. This includes ensuring adequate communication facilities and procedures are in place, and first aid equipment and evacuation plans are current. Secondary Priority: Risk Reduction * Support WSPA in managing Risk Reduction programmes, including sourcing staff and/or materials. * Assist evaluation of the risk reduction interventions in Asia and catalogue feedback and lessons learned. General :- * Assist DMOD (Asia) and DRTL (Asia) on all aspects of WSPA DM operations as required. * Further advance the WSPA DM programme in Asia as directed by DMOD and DRTL (Asia)
Qualifications :
QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE :- * Enthusiastic and responsible person with logistical planning experience and problem solving skills. * Experience in having responsibility for other staff members, and team management. * Experience in basic accounting and financial reconciliation. * Security conscious, clear thinking and reliable. * Experience of working with humans or animals in disasters, or with animal welfare groups/ member societies / other humanitarian organisations will be an advantage. * Comfortable and competent working with government and humanitarian professionals. * Comfortable working in foreign countries and sometimes environmentally challenging circumstances. * Other training certifications helpful, eg Water Rescue, Human First Aid. * Fluent in conversational and written English.
Job information :
This job offer is open to foreigners and expatriates applicants.
Job location :
Bangkok, Thailand
Language :
Contract type :
Full Time
Salary :
  Please note this job reference before applying : AW300130580 
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