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Who we are?

Asia Work is the first network entirely specialised in the recruitment of expatriates in Southeast Asia.

We are a team of Human Resource consultants specialised in job research assistance and recruitment of expatriates in Southeast Asia.

We have established a network of local offices and company partners in Southeast Asia, operating in Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

What do we do?

The direct approach of contacting enterprises is currently the most effective way for a foreigner to find a job in Southeast Asia.
1. We look for expat jobs in Asia.
2. We assist and accompany job seekers in their efforts to facilitate their job research.
3. We collect job offers of businesses operating in Southeast Asia that are likely to recruit expatriates.
4. We approach directly businesses that are likely to recruit expatriates.
5. We serve as an intermediary between businesses and job seekers.
6. We provide career advice to help job seekers in their future expatriation in Southeast Asia.
7. We help companies to get in touch directly with job seekers.
8. We propose solutions and recruitment modules for companies.

The Concept

You must register on our website to access our consulting services and our database of job offers exclusively dedicated to foreigners and expatriates willing to live and work in Asia.

All our job offers are verified and you can apply from your personal space after you have registered. All applications are reviewed by our staff of consultants for approval before being sent to employers.

We follow the progress of all applications for to obtain feedback from employers. Employers will contact you directly or we will send you the contact details of employers only after they have showed an interest to your application.

From that moment, you are in contact with potential employers and you are on your own to negotiate any new employment. But you can be assured that we will always be at your disposal to advise or serve as an intermediary with employers to facilitate the process.

Finally, Asia Work is more than just a job search website, we provide you with personalised assistance in more complicated situations such as job search in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam or the Philippines. In this case, we solicit directly and individually businesses to facilitate employment. You do not have to send hundreds of emails with your CV in copy or apply to hundreds of jobs, we take care of everything for you! What could be more simple?!

It is a 3 step process:

It is that simple!

Our commitment   Interested?
Each individual is unique and has its own needs.

We are always at your disposal to better serve you, to understand you and share our experience, our skills... that is our goal!

We take special attention to the quality of our service to find the best solutions and provide the best possible assistance to job seekers and employers.

While developing, Asia Work has always been faithful to its commitment with an emphasis on the personalization of our services. This is still the key to our success today.

  We guarantee that all job offers posted on our website are verified and open to foreigners or expatriates applicants.

We guarantee that employers will search our job seeker database and directly contact you with expat jobs.

We guarantee that our consultants will directly select and send you job offers that precisely correspond to your profile.

We guarantee that our consultants will personally assist you and help you during your job research.

We guarantee that registering on Asia Work will increase your chances of getting an expat job in Southeast Asia.

Why don't you register and send us your CV now? You will have access to our services and we will do the whole research for you! See some examples of jobs available here

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If you have any question, please read our FAQ page or contact us for further information about our website, activity, services, or simply if you need to be advised, at our contact address,

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